GRID Impact is a global research, innovation and design firm that specializes in human-centered approaches to complex social and economic challenges. We create scalable social impact in domains such as financial inclusion, sanitation, agriculture and alternative energy. 


Our Approach –
Behavioral Research & Design

GRID Impact applies a hybrid methodology to economic and human development challenges. We combine the evidence-based insights and diagnostic approach of behavioral science with the creative problem-solving and iterative, collaborative processes of human-centered design for more predictable, longer lasting results. Ultimately, we believe this approach produces products, programs and services that respond to how human beings actually behave as well as their needs, preferences and desires.  

Behavioral Science

Behavioral science provides tools to help us understand human decision-making and behaviors. It draws heavily from the field of cognitive psychology and explains how seemingly small factors often have outsized effects that render even the most well thought-out plans ineffective.

Behavioral Resources

Human-centered Design

Human-centered design is a creative and adaptive problem-solving approach that allows “designers” to understand how individuals will likely use and interact with a product. This collaborative and participatory design process involves end-users through rapid, iterative prototyping.

HCD Resources

Recent Work

Behavioral Research and Design Workshop

GRID Impact recently led a two week design sprint with BRAC in Bangladesh. The workshop introduced 22 participants to behavioral research and human-centered design. The workshop teams used these methods to create user-centered concepts that would increase uptake and usage of mobile money amongst women in rural communities.

Our Focus Areas

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Agriculture

  • Water & Sanitation

  • Education

  • Alternative Energy

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