We're not your typical social enterprise

GRID Impact is a collective of highly experienced independent consultants. For each engagement, collective members come together to form bespoke interdisciplinary teams that respond to the unique needs of each client. The consultants who make up our collective have expertise in a variety of technical domains such as behavioral science, interaction design, architecture, communications, and economics and also bring decades of experience in a variety of sectors such as financial inclusion, global public health, agriculture, water and sanitation, education and alternative energy. In between GRID Impact engagements, collective members may work for clients and organizations in their original discipline to stay abreast of the latest skills and methods.

Ali Murtaza

Tania Garbe
New York

Alexandra Fiorillo

Jimena Bonilla Dussán

Raïsa Mirza
Addis Ababa

Adam Little
San Francisco

Stephanie Tam
Sittwe, Myanmar

The GRID Impact collective is spread across 5 continents.

From Addis Ababa to San Francisco, our consultants live around the globe and bring their unique perspective and skills to every project. Here are a few members of our multilingual, multi-talented collective.

Adam Little
User Experience Designer

Ali Murtaza
Design Associate

Danielle Sobol
Research and Data Consultant

Nikki Brand
Financial Inclusion Specialist

Raïsa Mirza
Research Associate

Sarah Fathallah
Social Designer and Researcher

Stephanie Tam
Research Associate

Vartika Shukla
Financial Inclusion Specialist

We Work With Diverse Organizations

The GRID Impact model allows our teams to work with a range of organizations including social enterprises, philanthropic organizations, non-promultilateral development agencies, domestic and foreign government agencies and policymakers.


CARE International


Mercy Corp




Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Public Policy Lab

Inter-American Development Bank

Karandaaz Pakistan

Our Partners

Populist helps organizations sell critical products and services to underserved populations by tapping the creative problem solving of marketers.

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Protagonist Studio is a narrative-centered design consultancy. They take a unique, “story first” approach to User Experience, Product Strategy and Content Development, that gets you to a better product or service experience faster, and with less wasted effort.

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We're not currently seeking any new collective members, but when we are you'll be able to find open calls and job listings here.


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