Raïsa Mirza
Systems Designer & Design Researcher

Raïsa holds 8 years of experience working on the ground managing innovative impact projects that create new products and services for the Base of the Pyramid in Asia and Africa. She has a solid grounding in project management, behavior change, service design and design research she uses participatory tools and methodologies, such as PhotoVoice and Socially Engaged Arts to create systems change for social impact. She believes that a key to uptake of new products and services lies in delivering excellent field logistics and understanding of program delivery and human behaviour.

Raïsa has extensive experience undertaking research and prototyping social impact solutions with farmers, agribusinesses, agro-dealers and ministries of Agriculture in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia. She is well-versed in facilitating design research and prototyping digital products

She has used her graphic design and photography skills to create impactful social marketing and behaviour change campaigns in six countries resulting in uptake of new agricultural behaviors such as row planting and hybrid seed usage.

Raïsa has over 9 years of experience in branding, website design and management and has over a decade of experience in print design, layout and print management which she acquired working at highly selective international education institutions. She is very comfortable delivering high calibre products while working on the ground in challenging regulatory environments and within severe time and resource constraints.