We're not your typical
social enterprise.

GRID Impact is a collective of highly experienced independent consultants. Our structure allows independent consultants who specialize in a variety of domains and technical areas to come together as interdisciplinary teams for social change. The brilliance of our collective comes through the unconventional collaborations that we form to devise solutions. We are practiced in building cross-industry teams, combining the knowledge of ethnographers, behavioral designers, service designers, and community experts to strengthen our collective approach.

The consultants who make up our collective have expertise in a variety of technical domains such as behavioral science, training and capacity building, interaction design, strategic facilitation, service design, communications, executive coaching, and social work, and also bring decades of experience in a variety of sectors such as financial inclusion, global public health, agriculture, water and sanitation, education and alternative energy.

Our People

The GRID Impact collective is spread across 5 continents.

From Addis Ababa to San Francisco, our consultants live around the globe and bring their unique perspective and skills to every project. Here are a few members of our multilingual, multi-talented collective.

Jenniffer Alex Doe
Jenniffer Alex Doe
Jenniffer Alex Doe
Jenniffer Alex Doe
Jenniffer Alex Doe
Jenniffer Alex Doe
Jenniffer Alex Doe
Jenniffer Alex Doe

Irene Chikumbo

Human Centred Design and Facilitation Ninja

Sarah Delaney

Qualitative Researcher & Behavioral Designer

Sarah Fathallah

Social Designer and Design Researcher

Alexandra Fiorillo

Founder, Facilitator, and Behavioral Designer

Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek

Executive Coach & Change Architect

Adam Little

Design Director

Matthew Morales

Facilitator and Designer

Sean Orner

Director of Finance & Administration

Faith Pienaar

Strategic Facilitator

Greta Rasmus


Jantine Zandbergen

Designer & Illustrator

Join us

Interested in joining our team? We are currently hiring for the following consultant roles: 


Strategic Facilitators


Our Core Principles

Our principles shape our culture and define our character. We live our core principles through individual behaviors that guide how we interact with one another and also how we engage with our partners and communities. Our ambition is to create better approaches to our work so we can more effectively and compassionately facilitate participatory design practices.