Capacity Building & Education

We are dedicated to investing in and revealing the capacity that we all have to think and create in people-centered ways. We offer classes, workshops, capacity building activities, advisory services, and mentorship to individuals, organizations and communities in order to integrate behavioral insights, participatory design methods, and a community-centered approach into their work.

Our Design for Behavior and Impact class is offered multiple times a year and provides a solid foundation in behavioral design principles and methods. We offer our Behavioral Research and Participatory Design Workshops to the unique contexts and needs of our partner organizations.

Our 10+ years of Behavioral Design work has led us to create the first set of Behavioral Design Cards, now available to the public! If you work in the social sector in any program or service delivery capacity or you are a designer looking to do more “design for good” work, this deck will help you make better decisions to drive engagement and usage.

Our Facilitation Program introduces foundational strategic and creative facilitation methods and approaches to emerging leaders in the Global South. The program offers virtual learning opportunities to those interested in learning dynamic frameworks and techniques to help drive social change across multiple sectors.