Alexandra Fiorillo
Project Lead

Alexandra is a behavioral science and human centered design specialist who serves as Director of GRID Impact. She is also a Senior Consultant to CGAP / World Bank in the areas of consumer protection, digital finance and behavioral research and design.  Alex has over 15 years of experience designing products, services and policies that benefit the Base of the Pyramid. Alexandra’s areas of expertise are in digital financial services for the poor, financial education, training and facilitation and consumer protection. She has worked in over 40 countries on five continents, completed over 50 trainings on subjects such as human centered product and service design for the Base of the Pyramid and has collaborated with diverse partners ranging from grassroots organizations in the Amazon jungle to banking regulators in Zambia. She works to bring empathy and creativity to all development challenges and particularly loves to lead design thinking workshops in unexpected places, like on airplanes and in remote rural villages. Alexandra was a Fulbright Scholar in Ecuador and co-founded Pockets of Change, a foundation committed to leveraging small grants for large impact. She earned her Master’s in Development Economics from Columbia University and holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and Latin American studies from Connecticut College.