Alexandra Fiorillo
Behavioral Designer

Alexandra Fiorillo is a recognized economic development, digital financial services and human centered design expert driven by an enthusiasm for finding new ways to solve problems. She specializes in behavioral design, or the design of behavior uptake, adoption, usage, and behavior change.

As Principal of GRID Impact, Alex also oversees strategic and operational functions of the Collective.
Alex holds over 18 years of experience designing products, services and policies that benefit marginalized and vulnerable communities. Her work focuses on the impact of scarcity on financial decision-making, designing behaviorally-informed financial education programs and consumer protection policies, and co-creating financial products and services that meet customer needs. Her previous work at CGAP, Microfinance Transparency, ACCION, Banco Solidario del Ecuador, and Financial Sector Deepening Uganda inform much of her current work. Alex leverages her training in behavioral science, human-centered design, economic development, and social science research methods to solve economic and social problems more effectively and efficiently.

Alexandra was a Fulbright Scholar in Ecuador and co-founded Pockets of Change, a foundation committed to leveraging small grants for large impact. She earned her Master’s in Development Economics from Columbia University and holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and Latin American studies from Connecticut College.