Identifying solutions to delay first pregnancy among adolescent wives

CARE International

Bangladesh and Niger

Every year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18.  Child brides are at greater risk for dangerous pregnancies, domestic violence, and the contraction of HIV/AIDS. Because their education is often cut short the economic prospects of child brides and their families are grim.  Supported by the Gates Foundation and contracted by CARE, GRID Impact is conducting formative research and market analysis to understand how to delay first birth to improve outcomes for vulnerable girls.




Behavioral Research


CARE International


In addition to conducting formative research and market analysis, GRID Impact will lead the creative design process to identify appropriate and effective interventions and leading an iterative prototyping process.


This project is ongoing.  Please check back in soon for more details.


  • Adam Little

    Design Director

  • Alexandra Fiorillo

    Founder, Facilitator, and Behavioral Designer