Bringing innovation to Colorado’s education system

Colorado Education Initiative


Colorado is experiencing rapid demographic and economic change, but its schools are still plagued by achievement gaps, teacher attrition and education advocates are hungry for different ways of tackling persistent problems.  


A primer on human-centered design

Introducing participants to design thinking by interrogating an everyday activity – like eating yogurt!

Breaking down the problem

GRID Impact created an Action Research  Toolkit to help cohort members unpack the problems they identified in the communities.

Hard at work

A participant developing their Action Research Plan using our toolkit.

No easy answers

Cohort member pondering an early round of opportunity areas and idea statements.




Capacity Building


Colorado Education Initiative


Working with The Colorado Education Initiative, GRID Impact designed and is teaching a cohort of K-12 teachers, administrators and education advocates through a six-week long behavioral research and design course intended to help participants better understand and begin to solve the issues facing their school community.


This project is ongoing.  Please check back in soon for more details!


  • Alexandra Fiorillo

    Founder, Facilitator, and Behavioral Designer

  • Adam Little

    Design Director