Designing financial services for smallholder farmers



Smallholder farmers in Mozambique typically receive compensation at harvest time in cash.  For both smallholder farmers and organizations paying them this brings a range of security risks and operational inefficiencies.  GRID Impact was asked to help both parties find a new and more efficient system that helps farmers manage their finances and reduces risk for their employers.

Understanding the landscape.

To develop a solid financial service our research team had to understand the options currently available, like the m-pesa/Vodafone collaboration above.

First-hand testimony

By working with local researchers and translators on our engagements we are able to interview users in the language they are most comfortable and expressive in.

In-depth individual interviews.

Conducting field interviews, like this one at the home of a female farmer, allows us to better understand the context of our users’ experience.




Behavioral Research




GRID Impact is interviewing smallholder farmers, small and midsize enterprises in the region to understand financial behaviors and to design and test a set of digital interventions before moving forward with a pilot and implementation phase.


This project is ongoing.  Please check back in soon for more details!                                     


  • Adam Little

    Design Director

  • Alexandra Fiorillo

    Founder, Facilitator, and Behavioral Designer